Our Groups & Classes



    The following groups/classes meet in Fairlie Village Hall – if you’re interested
    in joining any
    of them, contact the Community Association or the
    directly for further information.


    Fairlie Art Club *


    Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm.  Get together to paint, swap advice and chat. 
    Workshops, DVD instruction and
    demonstration evenings
    also organised.  Contact Marion on 560300.


    Fairlie Badminton Club *


    Thursdays, 8pm-9.30pm.  New members always
    welcome.  Contact Eva McNeill (Tel. 568809) for further information.


     Fairlie Toddlers *

    Wednesdays & Fridays, 9.30am -11.00am.  Fun and games for
    youngsters from 0-3 and a chance to have a cuppa and
    a chat for
    their parents.  Contact Kimberley (07812 356664).


    Fairlie Youth Club *


    Wednesdays from 7pm to 8.30pm for ages 10 to 16.  There’s lots to do –
    table tennis, pool, team games and an X-box café; crafts and cooking
    activities, and much more.  It’s a great place to get together with your
    friends, and the club also arranges fun outings from time to time.


    The Youth Club is currently looking for a new leader, and unfortunately it won't be able to restart until someone is found.  If you think you might be able to help, please contact Heidi Harrison (Tel 07985 332008 or email largslife@gmail.com) - Heidi was the previous Youth Club leader, and she'll provide full details of what's involved and answer any queries.



    Fun, dance fitness class on Tuesdays from 10am to 11am and, from 3rd May, Thursdays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.
    No need to book, just pay at door (£4). 
    Contact Fairlie
    Community Association if you have any queries.

    Wednesdays, 1.45pm to 2.45pm.  Pilates with
    Bill Lowrie,  No need to book - pay at door (£4).

    Contact Fairlie Community Association if you have any queries.




    *Groups marked with an asterisk are represented on the Management Committee.